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7 x 7 Magazine has released their Big Eat 2013 list! They have added EIGHTY(!) new dishes this year and I can’t wait to dig in.

Last year, I didn’t get around to eating as much as I initially wanted to. The effort of lugging around a cumbersome DSLR camera and embarrassing my chosen dining companion by snapping tons of shots before they could sink their teeth into the deliciousness became a barrier to crossing more off the 2012 list. I am planning a more no holds barred approach this year with as little iphoneography as possible.

Some of my favourite dishes last year:

meatloaf sandwich | fatted calf san francisco | sparklingandsweet.com

Meatloaf Sandwich | Fatted Calf

Carnitas | Nopalito | sparklingandsweet.com

Carnitas | Nopalito

dim sum | ton kiang | sparklingandsweet.com

Dim Sum | Ton Kiang

Going through this year’s list, I have already had 13/100 items compared to last year’s 32/100 when I began. I welcome the challenge with an empty stomach and curious appetite! Some standouts I can’t wait to try:

– Spicy Miso Ramen at Ramen Underground… maybe it’s the winter season but nothing sounds better to me than a nice bowl of spicy noodles.

– Peking Duck at Hong Kong Lounge… it is rare that I find myself at the end of the city but I would definitely venture for some authentic peking duck.

– Caldo Tlalpeno at Nopalito… I was so impressed with the carnitas, can’t wait to try a new dish.

Want to see what else I have crossed off of the 7 x 7 2012 Big Eat list?
Bar Crudo’s seafood chowder
Kelvin made ice-cream at Smitten
Carnitas at Nopalito
Fried green beans at Coco500
Prime rib at House of Prime Rib
Argentine beef empanada at Venga Empanadas
Dim sum at Ton Kiang
Pizza margherita at Pizzeria Delfina
Meatloaf sandwich at Fatted Calf
Pickled eggs at Comstock Saloon and Deviled eggs at Park Tavern