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After sticking to my resolutions (for the most part) last year, I am excited to set up some new goals for 2013.

– Seek out inspiration offline. Monthly visits to SF favourites like the MoMa, DeYoung and take more photowalks with my REAL camera. (sorry, iPhone!)

– Get back in touch with my DIY side. My Pinterest boards and household to-do projects are calling me to get hands on creative in 2013.

– Challenge myself in the kitchen. In 2011 I experimented with a recipe a week which really helped me learn a lot more about basic cooking techniques and ingredients. This year, I want to take a similar approach but stretch my capabilities by dipping into new territory. Whether it be delving into niche region cuisine (Thai, Indian, Chinese) or mastering Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguingnon, I want to push myself to cook tougher dishes.

Last year, it helped to have resolutions published on my blog for the world to see and to hold myself accountable for. Although they are by no means ‘life changing’, I like to stick to goals I can see myself enjoying and keeping up with throughout the year. I encourage all of you to think about what you want out of 2013 and push yourself to achieve it!