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Last night I was invited to a cooking event for LiveSoma hosted by Tillamook Cheese and The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. We watched some live demos on how to make grilled cheese and learned some key tricks of the trade. We were then given the task to create our own combinations which would later be judged. Although I didn’t win the competition, I had a lot of fun experimenting with new ingredients and testing out my newly owned skills.

It is always great to get out into the community to meet with local business owners and fellow bloggers. Here are some highlights of the evening:

Tillamook’s cute truck

Putting together my breakfast grilled cheese- Tillamook sharp cheddar, roasted tomatoes, jalapeno, bacon on Pinkie’s Bakery levain bread with chive butter

Grilled Cheese breakfast sandwich complete with over-easy egg

Tomato soup topped with creme fraiche

Some of the MANY locally sourced ingredients

Dessert grilled cheese