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I grew up in a house where the Olympics was a BIG deal. Not only was it playing on TV in our house 24/7, but we would compete in medal tallies and country ranking to make it even more fun. I have such fond memories of my Mom and Dad barbecuing on summer nights and all five of us snuggling up in our TV room to watch it together.

True Story: I am known in my family for being the 8 year old that cried during the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games closing ceremonies. Apparently I was so devastated that the Olympics were ending that year, that I just burst out crying during the closing credits. Without fail, I am reminded every two years about the “Barcelona incident”. I’ll admit that I still get a bit sad during the closing montage when they show clips of major events. Isn’t that the purpose of those montages?!

Although I won’t be able to watch the 2012 Olympics in person with my parents and sisters, I am so happy for the memories we created over the years.

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