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We are back from Trinidad relaxed, revived and ready to tackle our overflowing inboxes. It was nice to step away from the real world for a few days and spend some much needed time with my loves.

My beautiful Mom

It had been almost seven years since my last trip to Trinidad and was my husband’s first visit. Of course I made him eat/drink all of my Trini favourites: bake & shark, doubles, roti, Stag/Carib beer, corn soup. We had time to lime (trini slang for hang out) in Port of Spain at some local hangouts like Smokey & Bunty and on the Avenue. We spent two days (although rained out!) at Maracus Beach jumping the waves. And most importantly, we attended my cousin’s wedding to his childhood sweetheart. They have been together as long as I can remember and were truly meant to be. We celebrated and danced the night away surrounded by family and friends.

The newly-weds!

Definitely a packed trip with family visiting, partying and lots of food (hello, detox and diet time!). I loved showing my husband the Trini side of my background and we are already planning our trip back.

Blue Basin Waterfall

via Canon T2i