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We wanted our wedding favours to be something fun and unique. My husband is English and I am half Indian/half Trinidadian and we were looking for something that combined our cultures.

Just as we were narrowing down ideas, one of my favourite blogs Lovely Package posted these amazing tea boxes from The Grain– a graphic design firm in Australia. I am a big fan of modern, cartoon vector art and loved the distinguishing features used to mark each culture.

I took a chance and reached out to The Grain via email and suprisingly got an instant reply from Tabatha. We went back and forth a bit and she ended up creating custom designs just for our wedding! It was the nicest gesture I have ever received from a stranger, let alone a stranger all the way across the planet.

It was a laborious process and we could NOT have done it without the help of our family. From cutting intricate lines, scoring edges, stuffing tea, and packaging everything up together, it ended up being a lot more time consuming than we had planned. My sisters were up until the wee hours of the night cutting boxes, my Mom was inhaling chai tea by the mouthful and lots of visiting aunts and uncles kept us company while we plowed through the project.

A BIG thank you to Tabatha from The Grain. We appreciate your kindness in making our special day that much more special.