Yep, today is my 28th birthday.

For some reason of another, I have been anxious for the last couple of weeks about my birthday. Maybe it was the contemplation of the last ten years of my life… wondering if I have done enough, lived to the fullest, took advantage of every opportunity that has come my way. Maybe it was the number of grey hairs that are suddenly starting to make an abundant appearance atop my head. Maybe it was the pressure to do something amazing during my 28th year. On my 25th I moved to San Francisco, my 26th I got engaged and my 27th I got married. What’s next?

I am beyond fortunate in my life. I married my bestfriend 9 months ago, have the most supportive parents, family and friends and live in one of the most beautiful cities. I’ve come to realize that taking a day aside to celebrate all of those wonderful things is what birthdays are really about.

To those who have reached out today, thank you. All of the calls, messages and emails are overwhelmingly wonderful. I am definitely feeling the love.

So, bring it on grey hairs… I’m ready for you.