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Remember when I first posted about the 7 x 7 Big Eat 2012 list in late January? I am still on my quest to eat my way through it!

I had a lovely visitor in town over the last week and a half, so I had the perfect excuse to hit up some new spots in San Francisco. After a heavenly afternoon at Kabuki Springs & Spa, we strolled down to Hayes Valley for a cold treat at Smitten Ice-Cream.

I wasn’t sure to expect with Kelvin-made ice-cream. After reading their signage and seeing the process, I am still a bit confused with the logistics. There are four different machines (apparently the only ones in the world), hence four different flavours to choose from. Naturally, I went with chocolate.

The ice-cream was so creamy smooth that it was almost custard like. It was packed with tons of chocolate flavour but oddly not as cold as ice-cream normally is. I’ll admit I was skeptical paying $4.75 for one scoop of ice-cream, but it was worth every penny!

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