I know, I know… I have been slacking on my wedding posts. As soon as I saw this proposal via 7×7 Magazine earlier this week, I knew I had to share it.

Nara (the future groom) put so much thought into this proposal. He used his artistic skills to illustrate a series of post-its leading up to the BIG question, incorporated loved ones that couldn’t be there and even hired a live band. I dare you not to get ‘Lovely Day’ stuck in your head after watching this. Enjoy!

Excerpt from 7 x 7 Magazine article: The night Elizabeth Lorini and Nara Youn met, he fell asleep while watching movies in her dorm room with a group of friends and she filled his long hair with rows and rows of tiny braids. She was sure he’d be angry, but he wasn’t. He was back the next day (presumably after combing his hair).
The couple’s creative journey led them to the Bay Area where he worked for DreamWorks as an animator and she, among other places, worked at Zynga as a freelance illustrator.
Family duty called them to Korea, but they plan to return to the Bay Area in another year—as husband and wife. Using the talents of friends around the world, nearly a quarter from the Bay Area, Nara created one of the best proposal videos we have ever seen. We’ll let him explain how it went down, just after Valentine’s Day.