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Lucky Strike San Francisco officially opens today but we luckily got a sneak-peek last night.
The menu ranges from sushi rolls to macarons. Some stand out dishes are the belgian fries, the surf and turf sliders and the organic Straus family soft serve ice cream. The fondue was a bit drippy but has potential while the sushi was pretty average. The full menu can be found online.
As far as the bar goes, they have made sure to have a wide variety of cocktails and beers. The bar is stocked with top shelf liquor for martinis and signature drinks including “The Dude”-a white Russian topped with Straus soft serve ice cream. Beer ranges from $6-8 including domestic, import and local craft brew.

The interior is a vast change from Borders! Luxury couches, wood finished bars and innovative art pieces are found throughout Lucky Strike. The light fixtures are pretty amazing and add a lot of personality to the space. Besides being impressed by the extreme renovation, I was pleasantly surprised that the Lucky Strike staff were just as great. Everywhere I looked , the employees were being attentive to guests and making sure everything was under control.
I look forward to many evenings here sipping cocktails and hitting the lanes!

all via Canon T2i