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Weekend brunches are one of our favourite things to do in San Francisco. I love the choice of breakfast or lunch, sweet or savoury and washing it all down with a spicy bloody mary.

Growing up in Canada, the closest thing to fried chicken I ever had was KFC. In the last couple of years, I have discovered my love for the fried chicken and waffle combo. I used to get my fix at Little Skillet. Their chicken is pretty darn tasty but the waffles are only so-so. They are take-out only, so there is no proper seating.

Cue Zero Zero and their skillet fried chicken thighs with semolina waffles topped with chestnut honey button, bacon and REAL maple syrup. Wow, just typing that makes me hungry. It is the perfection combination of salty and sweet with a touch of crispiness. The waffles don’t get soggy which is great for a slow eater like me. We normally order one dish of fried chicken and one margherita extra pizza (made with buffalo mozzerella) to share, but I usually end up eating all of the chicken myself!

The laid back lofty atmosphere of Zero Zero combined with great food makes it a perfect brunch spot.

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