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Today marks my three year anniversary of moving to San Francisco. I followed my heart and took a chance on love for my *now* husband. I remember that day so clearly- with two large suitcases in tow, visa documents in hand and hopeful wishes, I embarked on a journey that turned out more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. We are now happy newly-weds living in a kick ass loft with an adorable cat and surrounded by great friends.

San Francisco is the perfect environment for someone like me. I strive everyday to be more creative, be inspired and to constantly try new things and experiences. I have discovered my love for food, blogging and photography. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone in Toronto, I allowed myself to make new friends and to take risks when I usually wouldn’t. It wasn’t always easy… and I miss my family and friends in Canada like crazy… but I wouldn’t change the experiences I have had for anything.

San Francisco- thank you for the abundance of dining options, farmer’s markets and independent shops. Thank you for perfect layering weather, beautiful scenery and parks. Thank you for being THE perfect setting to fall in love.