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After an amazing holiday season with the family, we are settling back into our home in San Francisco. During our flight back, I couldn’t help but overhear lots of people discussing their pending 2012 resolutions- go to the gym more, keep a journal, run a marathon, etc. It got me thinking… what’s my resolution?

In 2010 I stuck to a resolution of one new recipe a week for a year… check! In 2011 I *tried* to stick to a resolution of three days of gym a week… check (until after our wedding and I got lazy!). Here are some ideas for 2012:

– a photo a day (something like #365project)
– meatless Monday (strictly Vegetarian once a week)
– blog consistently Monday to Friday, 5 posts a week
– improve design skills through classes and tutorials (once a month)

Happy 2012 to all of you! Here’s to a wonderful new year!