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We are hosting thanksgiving this year and I thought it might be fun to personalize some place cards for our guests.

First, I found a template. I printed it on white card stock to make it more sturdy.

After I cut up the cards, I used letter stamps and festive coloured ink to personalize each with names. You can also handwrite names in metallic or coloured sharpies for a similar effect.

Whilst the ink was drying, I took a knife and made a cut along the top of a wine cork. You may need to do this several times depending on how rough your cork is. [If you don’t have a collection of corks lying around the house, Whole Foods has bins for cork recycling and will let you take a couple if you ask nicely. Or, you can always down a couple of bottles of wine for the sake of the project 🙂 ]

Once the ink on the cards was dry, I inserted the card into the cork slit and TA-DA!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!