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I have been feeling especially sluggish lately and was given the advice of doing a juice cleanse to detox. After researching a couple of Bay Area options, I settled on Can Can Cleanse. Make a smooth departure from poor eating patterns, boost energy and self-esteem, lose a few pounds and feel good! Discover the benefits of cleansing with CAN CAN’s 24 easy-to-digest vegetable and fruit juices, warming teas, nut milks and seasonal soups – 8 beverages per day.” 

I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to my eating habits, so I liked the 1 day cleanse option. The juices arrived last night and by accident I received 2 days worth of juices. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing- it is expensive so “SCORE!” for getting a free day… but that means another day of no food! 

I am currently on day 1, juice #3- herbal tea. The first two concoctions (fruit juice and green juice) were a bit difficult to choke back but I got used to them after a couple of sips. I’m not feeling hunger pains yet, but we will see what the evening brings.

Oh, the things we do to stay healthy.