Like many wedding photographers, ours is offering a ‘complimentary’ engagement photo session. At first we weren’t fond on the idea, but quickly understood that this is a good way for our photographers to get to know us better before the big day.

Since I began planning for the wedding, I have found some amazing shoots done across Canada and the US. A lot of thought and planning has gone into preparing for a well staged engagement session, so I am now on a mission to make ours great too!

There are a few initial obstacles:

1. The wedding is in Montréal, Canada- we haven’t spent much time in Montréal as a couple and don’t therefore doesn’t have an emotional significance.

2. We live in San Francisco- that is 2,500 miles separating us from our photographers

3. Time- between the photographers’ busy schedules and our infrequent trips to Canada to plan the wedding and attend other weddings, there is little overlap to make something work out

While we are still ironing out the logistics with the photographers, I am using this time to research past ‘real engagement’ shoots for inspiration which I will be posting over the next week- Enjoy!