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We have finalized our caterer for the reception and a frequent question I am being asked is whether or not we will be having a wedding cake. I’ve been told by several sources- previous brides, wedding planners and friends that a wedding cake is almost never eaten and a huge waste of money. It is great for pictures apparently but I find it hard to justify paying around $1000 for something that is pretty to look at and will not be eaten. 

I’ve been looking for inspiration on our colours (which we haven’t completely finalized yet) and almost every board includes a wedding cake picture that ties together the whole theme. I’ve toyed with the idea of cupcakes or macaroons which seem to be quite popular right now. A caterer also suggested doing a cake with false layers (which I have seen and is absolutely convincing) and then having a real cake layer on top.

Here are some of my favourite wedding cake ideas so far:

Thoughts and opinions? Would love to hear feedback!

(SOURCES: cake & macaron pictures are via www.theknot.com; cupcake pictures are via www.bride.ca)