There are moments in the crazy wedding planning process where the thought of running off to elope or doing a city hall wedding crosses my mind. Our wedding is so complex already- 3 big events spanning over a long weekend with 200+ guests. Sometimes I worry that our wedding isn’t going to be so much about the love and union between us. But then I remember that I always dreamed of having a big wedding with all of my friends and family. And that growing up going to large Indian weddings made me vision my wedding day(s) to be the same.

Anyhow, without getting too far off topic, here is an adorable city hall wedding set in San Francisco. I love the attention to detail- tying in the white, red, baby blue and yellow into all of the components. They had a small city hall ceremony and then walked over to Suppenkuche for a celebratory lunch. 

I really liked the DIY projects the bride took on to make it extra special- so cute!